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About Advance

Welcome! I'm Veronica.


Every English learner faces a time when they hit their 'language plateau’. Their intermediate English is adequate for everyday purposes but it isn't moving forward, and it lacks power. Most importantly, it is holding them back in their careers.


This is when I step in.

Advance English is exactly what it says on the box. I specialise in leading motivated clients to proficient English fluency.  My teaching focuses on each client's needs and goals, building accuracy, confidence and flexibility for diverse professional and academic contexts, and wider social demands.

Tailored to individual NeeDS

My expertise lies in six key areas, all aimed at learners determined to advance their English beyond the intermediate plateau:

  • Advanced General English

  • Business and Professional English

  • English for Academic Purposes

  • Public Presentation - Structure, Tone, Delivery & Technique

  • Pronunciation - Sounds, Stress, Intonation & Accent 

  • IELTS Preparation

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